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Football Supporters Europe (FSE), the European Football for Development Network (EFDN), and Autoridade para a Prevenção e o Combate à Violência no Desporto (APCVD) visited Benfica for the second pilot site visit of the Erasmus+ funded SAFER project on 4 and 5 February, 2024.  

The purpose of the visit was to learn more about and observe Benfica’s current approach to spectator safety for female supporters ahead of planning the club’s project activities. 


The visit began with a meeting with the club’s Head of Security, SLO, and Benfica Foundation staff to discuss the SAFER project’s progress to date and objectives. This was followed by observing the security measures at a Benfica home game, including observation of ticketing checks and body search procedures. FSE also had the opportunity to speak with local supporters about the project during the matchday. 


FSE’s EU Projects Specialist, Mattia Angelini, said: “It was a productive Pilot Site visit. We were able to learn and observe how Benfica’s match organisation works. Crucially, we had the chance to discuss possible options on how we could cooperate to implement the SAFER project activities at the club and improve the safety conditions for female fans.” 


Following the visit, the next steps will be for FSE, EFDN, and APCVD to collaborate on identifying a path for Benfica’s project activities. This will begin with outlining how the project can contribute to implementing activities to tackle gender-based violence and discrimination at the club. Additionally, preparations of the project’s activities will begin soon ahead of implementation during UEFA EURO 2024. 


FSE would like to thank Benfica for its cooperation and hospitality during the visit. 


View the SAFER project’s timeline here


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