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SAFER (Support & Awareness for Female fans in European football through Research, prevention, and remedy) is a Erasmus+ funded three-year multi-partner project lead by Football Supporters Europe (FSE). 

The project will see supporters and a cross section of experts and football stakeholders work together to tackle gender-based violence and discrimination in the game by establishing prevention and remedy mechanisms for football fans and other match attendees. 

Consultation with affected groups, survivors and affected persons of gender-based violence, match organisers, and experts in prevention and remedy mechanisms will enable the project’s unique consortium to collate innovative and evidence-based responses to gender-based violence in and around stadia before outlining a plan to move towards prevention.   

The project is supported by UEFA, the Sport & Rights Alliance, and the Centre for Sport & Human Rights.

The project will achieve its aims through: 

  • research into the extent of gender-based violence within football stadia and match-related activities; 

  • identification and promotion of good practice and development of recommendations in the prevention of gender-based violence;  

  • and production of a remedy policy and associated guidelines to support the survivors of gender-based violence.   

Ultimately the project has been designed to create the components to ensure football is safe and welcoming to all, both on the pitch and in the stands. 

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