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Project timeline

This timeline maps out the steps of the project right from the beginning until its completion. It will be updated as the project progresses, marking out every milestone...

MAR 2023

FSE announces the SAFER project, showcasing its objectives and the partners taking part in the project.

Feb 2023

FSE and the SAFER project partners meet online for the first time setting out the final preperations before the project is announced.

APR 2023

FSE and project partners head to Gdansk for the first in-person meeting of the project hosted by the University of Gdańsk.

Jun-Nov 2023

FSE & EFDN will meet with the pilot sites (stadiums) online, then perform on-site visits to identify what methods work best to tackle GBV.

Jan 2024

EFDN hosts the second partner Meeting in the Netherlands on the implementation of remedy and awareness strategies at club level.

MAR-JUN 2024

Preparation for the implementation of the SAFER project activities during EURO 2024 begins.

Sep 2024

Portugal will host the third partner meeting on safety & security, including the presentation of the project’s progress report.

JUN-NOV 2024

The evaluation of implemented activities during UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany.

MAR-JUN 2025

The final evaluation visits at the pilot sites take place, assessing the impact of the implemented activities to prevent GBV.

NOV 2025

FSE will host the final evaluation meeting and launch its handbook at the European Parliament, presenting the project's outcomes.


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