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Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and the European Football for Development Network (EFDN) visited Belgian Pro League club Union Saint-Gilloise for a pilot site visit of the Erasmus+ funded SAFER project back in April . 

The occasion was the fourth pilot site visit to a football club since the project began last year and was conducted during the club’s home fixture versus Antwerp. FSE and project partners have previously visited Benfica, Italian member-run club Atletico San Lorenzo, and most recently FC Midtjylland.  

The purpose of the visit was to develop a greater understanding of Union Saint-Gilloise’s current approach to spectator safety for female supporters. The learnings from the visit will feed into planning the football club’s future project activities.   

FSE and EDFN met with the football club’s Foundation Coordinator, SLO & Ticketing Manager, and Head of Operations & Safety to discuss SAFER’s aims and understand how matchday operations and security are managed. It was also an opportunity to learn the club’s perspective on the issue of gender-based violence. The project delegates also had the opportunity to speak with a number of supporters about SAFER to gather their feedback, ideas, and experiences on the subject matter. 

FSE’s EU Projects Specialist, Mattia Angelini, said: “This was another worthwhile and fascinating pilot site visit. Union Saint-Gilloise supporters have a strong tradition and culture of inclusion and community. Working with them as we implement the pilot site activities is going to be an important step for the SAFER project." 

Following this fourth pilot site visit, one final visit to a football club will take place during May 2024. 

FSE would like to thank Union Saint-Gilloise for its cooperation and hospitality during the visit.  

View the SAFER project’s timeline here


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